In honor of going live, women's history month, and simply(FINALLY) one hundred-percent committing to starting this little creative space I am doing a giveaway! To be honest Liss Wade Branding and Design was created in a tiny basement apartment, months after graduating college, and kind of broke, (k. maybe really broke.). Most (all?) days I worked on this little site with no pants on, crazy bed-head hair, and no makeup on. That's never really stopped me from getting things done though, lol. 

Over the past few years I've thought about my career path, and I've discovered just how passionate I am about design. My original route was in journalism, which I also love, but found the most joy and challenge in designing. I have no idea where this space will take me, but I know I'm finally ready for it. I have chosen Paige Avenue my FIRST of a few GIVEAWAYS(!!!)  because I truly believe in GIRL POWER. We can do amazing things in our tiny basement apartments, messy hair, no makeup on, and pantless, BUT also whilst rocking a blow out, cute shoes, full lashes, and the perfect jeans. 

I hope you enjoy this exciting launch as much as I've enjoyed putting it together! I hope you feel just as accomplished in your messiness, as much as you do in your poshness because you can do incredible things, girl! I will be providing more information and details about the giveaways on my facebook page  and instagram if you'd like to join in on the fun. 


Liss wade design giveaway