How Brands I Love Donated Products for a Giveaway


Before launching Liss Wade Design, I had so many ideas on how to get people as excited as I was about my launch as a creative entrepreneur. One of my ideas was to host a giveaway on my instagram and facebook page to drive traffic + create engagement with my audience. I wanted to find like-minded creatives, #girlbosses, and small businesses to promote and that inspired me to continue on this creative journey. The brands I chose resonated with me and inspired me, each honestly handpicked and admired.

Before I decided to fully brand Liss Wade + use it as my business + lifestyle account, my instagram was never used to promote or influence brands or to host giveaways. This was all new territory for me, and it really took trial and error to figure it out. I knew I wanted the brands I collaborated with to donate their product, and luckily I spent hardly any money out of pocket. Each brand I chose is so genuine and truly embodies community over competition in the creative + small business industry. While I was prepping for a giveaway I found very few resources that completely encompassed what I needed to do. So I thought I'd put together some things that helped me scope out brands I was genuinely passionate about and how I was able to get them to donate their product for a giveaway!

Most brands giveaway their own product to engage their audience and to demonstrate what they do. In my case, I could have given away a custom logo, or web design services, but that wasn't something I was interested in doing at the time. My services are pretty time extensive and honestly, not everyone in my audience needs my services so that alienates a good chunk of my followers. I wanted my giveaway's purpose to be about supporting small businesses (like myself) and promoting brands that encouraged me to create this space. The concept really was based on you give love you get love, I feel genuinely inspired by these brands!

if you never ask, you'll never know

Like a lot of things in life, the hardest part is just doing it. I wrestled with how uncomfortable it felt to ask for a product from brands I admired, and how I didn't even know how to ask for them. I reallly struggled guys. Then one day as I got closer to going live (procrastination?) I thought, "I lose absolutely nothing by asking, I can only gain something." 

The email pitch

Social media is so wonderful because we can get in touch with each other almost instantly. Information about brand's are readily available so we don't have to go digging (too hard) for contact info. I am no expert email pitcher, I was simply genuine about what I was saying. I really think that short + sweet and to the point is the best way to go. I took a few PR classes and feel that was constantly emphasized. I took that to heart and created a template of what I would say to each brand.

  1. I introduced myself
  2. what I was doing
  3. I asked if they would be interested in collaborating for a giveaway
  4.  why I was reaching out to specific company
  5. and why i loved their brand

I created a general template but customized each one based on who I was reaching out to. This was really time effective because I was able to get in touch with more brands I was interested in. One of the most important aspects of the email pitch is being as genuine as you can possibly be. Be honest with yourself and be honest about why you love the brand you're reaching out to. If you aren't genuinely passionate about their product it will definitely show through. Find your niche and run with it! 

The email pitch, and just getting the guts to contact brands was seriously the hardest part, oh- and waiting for a response. 

the response

I was pleasantly surprised when a brand I loved reached out to me saying they would be willing to give a gift card to their store. I was even more surprised when I had not only one giveaway lined up, but I had three! I had a series of giveaways planned, when I had only wanted to land one. The power of asking is magical! (insert magical emojis) 

I knew I wanted to add something that showcased my own design work so with each product giveaway I sent out a custom quote print from my etsy shop, which has now transferred over here. 

Promoting your  giveaway 

I used both my instagram and facebook to promote my giveaway, to get people excited about what I was doing and to encourage the support of small businesses. Generating traffic + followers to my facebook and instagram proved effective, but traffic to my site didn't see as much of an increase as I was hoping. One thing I wish I had done in hindsight would have been to have people subscribe to my site in order to be eligible to enter the giveaway. This is a super simple step that could have really boosted my audience. I highly recommend considering that as an option for your followers to enter your giveaway. The way I had people enter was by following + liking my instagram and facebook pages, and by tagging friends in separate comments for extra entries. Making sure that your entry rules are easy and straightforward to keep engagement is really beneficial. 

the takeaway

My overall takeaway is go ahead and ask. You are worthy of asking and receiving, and you can only learn something from putting yourself out there! Either way you can only gain from your experience, it's trial and error but I sure hope these tips help if you're considering a giveaway to promote your brand. 

What are some things that have helped you lose the fear of putting yourself out there?  What have you seen come from it?