How I edit my photos for instagram

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One of the questions I get asked the most is how I edit my photos on instagram. I love when people reach out to me because they like my photography, especially because I still feel like such an amateur when it comes to photos. In college I took a photography class and learned SO much and I still look forward to the day when I have a Canon 5d in my hands. But for now most of my photos are shot on my Iphone. I had an iphone 7 this past year and loved the upgrade from my 5c, the camera was a total game changer. This year I upgraded to the Iphone X and have loved the crisp quality I get from a camera I can just whip out of my pocket. 




I love this house in Boise, and I love taking pictures of it because they always get decked out for the season. In the fall I took a similar picture, and this Christmas we drove by it and I waved my phone out the window and got this shot. Definitely not the greatest photo, but a little editing can make all of the difference. 




I went in with my phone a few minutes later to see if I could salvage the shot I got and this is the end result! It's still a little crooked, but I could have fixed that in vsco. 

VSCO is the only editing app I use, I will sometimes go into lightroom and do bigger edits on some of my shots but 90% of the time I am editing in the VSCO app. My favorite preset is A6, which is really popular, but I think it's fun to see how people use it and make it their own. 

I like to go in and adjust the brightness and contrast. I normally don't do more than just that. With this photo I cropped and straightened it, which can completely change the composition and feel of a photograph. Some of my other favorite presets are A4 and M5. M5 is a warmer filter, and I normally tone it down by tuning the edit when I use it on any of my photos. My favorite thing about A6 is that you can make it look as natural as possible when in natural light. You can tone down the filter or have it at full blast. 

Before editing 

Before editing 

A few months back I shot photos for a campaign with Rifle paper + L'occitane. These photos were for a sponsored post so I used my DSLR to shoot. Whenever I shoot with my DSLR I import the photos to my phone and work with them in the VSCO app. 


After editing

After editing

I used the A6 filter for this photo as well and I adjusted the brightness, contrast, and temperature since it was a little bit on the cooler side. I took these in various angles and really loved how they turned out. 

As for B+W photos I love using a filter that brings out more of the whites in the shot, to me it looks more natural and bright. This shot was edited with the B1 preset in VSCO. I increased the brightness and the contrast just a tad and cropped the image so the bridge looked more prominent in the frame. 

Photography is such a fun creative outlet for me and I love instagram for that reason. I hope this answered some questions on how I edit my photos! I'm still learning so much and don't know everything about photography but love sharing some of the things that I do to make my photos look better. What are some of your favorite editing apps/tips?