How to curate a cohesive instagram feed


By now I think a lot of us know that Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps. Using Instagram is an extremely efficient way to reach your target audience and allows you to be creative while doing so. Sites like state that regardless of Facebook's billion users, Instagram has a ten time higher engagement rate with its users. I personally love using Instagram as a creative outlet, but it has its perks when your creativity can resonate with your followers and increase engagement. 

The magic of Instagram is that anyone can use it to create! Most of us have high-resolution cameras in our phones that allow us to get creative pretty much anywhere we go. 


These are just a few ways to get creative and curate a feed you love and that in return others will love! 

1.challenge yourself

Challenge yourself to see the world around you with a new perspective. If you're really invested in curating a feed that you love, and in result others will love - then try different photography angles. A challenge sounds like it's supposed to be hard, but the best way to do it is by creating visually appealing content a hobby and not a task. Find your voice and show people your unique way of seeing the world around you. 


2. Be inspired by others but don't duplicate 

One of the reasons I love Instagram and Pinterest (and why I still use Facebook TBH -photo albums!) is because of the beautiful aesthetics and inspiring visual content. Seeing different angles of people's experiences is part of what makes creating so fun. Be inspired by what you see and learn about what you love and what resonates with you. I think it's so easy to get caught up in all of the hype but as cliché as it sounds-be yourself. Transform don't copy. Be inspired, don't compare yourself, interpret your inspiration and transform it in your own unique creation. 

3. Find an editing app you love

Part of the fun of taking pictures is editing them, unless of course you take a perfect shot that is #nofilter approved. One of my favorite editing apps is VSCO. I love them because their filters feel organic and flattering and not overdone. They have a series of filters to choose from and some free and well-priced filter packages as well. Being the indecisive girl (Libra's, amirite?!) that I am, I'm constantly going through different 'filter-phases' and fall in love with different ones at different seasons of my life. That sounded a lot deeper than what I intended it to, so pretty much what I'm trying to say is find a filter that you feel complements your creative self and filter away!


What are some of the ways you curate your social media feeds? I'd love to hear!