Inspired by| Packaging + Product Photography


Isn't it amazing how seeing a product's aesthetic can influence whether we buy it or not? The shape of the container, material, and packaging design are all crucial in product design + delivery. I'm currently in the process of collaborating with some brand's that inspire me for their detail in design and creating some visual content for them. I love organic layouts and natural light, so I'm looking into styling my shoots with that in mind. Black and white, modern design will never go out of style. As I get older this rings more true to me, beautiful elegant designs should be timeless. The typography used is usually a beautiful sans-serif font (some of my favorites are lato, avenir next ultra-light, helvetica neue)  or a straightforward serif font (georgia, garamond, didot, abril flatface). Usually sans-serif's can be mixed with a calligraphy style font or cursive font. The minimalistic style is sophisticated and a lot more attractive to me.

A beautiful packaging design will go pretty unnoticed if the product photography isn't carefully thought out. Natural light with negative space really emphasizes the actual product and looks beautiful displayed on a website or in advertisements. Here are just a few examples that I'm currently inspired by! 

photos: pinterest, found life co.,