Salt Lake City Eats | Sundance Film Festival

For the past four years Mario and I have made going to Sundance Film Festival a little tradition. We are big pop culture fans, and getting to see celebrities out and about as we walk up and down main street is always so fun. During our stay we made sure to hop into to some delicious restaurants in the salt lake valley. We love trying new places to eat, and as much as we love pop culture we love food more. Utah has a pretty rad food scene for a city of it's size.  I'm excited to share a little bit about our weekend and the fun places we ate at!

ZAO Asian Cafe

We had never been to ZAO before so it was so fun to try something new. I feel like Asian food can feel a little heavy sometimes, but their chicken bowl tasted so fresh. It was loaded with so many delicious veggies. We also tried the noodle bowl, which was also really good. Check out their instagram to check out more of their yummy meals! Thanks for having us in Zao!

JPEG image-DC5707D25A47-1.jpeg

We did a little shopping in between our stay, always so fun to explore city creek! How amazing is that leather chair at anthro?!

Provisions | Salt Lake City

Later that night we had dinner reservations at provisions. We have heard so many great things about this place so we were so excited to be able to try it. Their restaurant has created such a lovely atmosphere. I loved all of the details. I'm convinced I need that wall paper in my house. The staff was amazing and our server was so kind and helpful when it came to ordering. 

How cute is this place? We went in right before their dinner crowd came in. It was so fun to see the entire space and take pictures. 


It started to snow right before we got the restaurant, it was kind of magical to see the snow fall outside our window. (also kind of stressful because driving in snow is the worst!) 

For appetizers we tried their steamed buns- S0 GOOD. The meat was so soft and tender. We also tried the Wood Fire Pizza. The flavor of that basil and soft fluffy crust dough were to die for. 

JPEG image-3C85DF7F7B41-1.jpeg
66035229-E3D7-47AE-BB99-976CB343503F 2.JPG

We don't drink alcohol, so we opted for the Pellegrino, and M got some lemonade. I loved that it had a little fizz to it. I'm obviously very happy about it. 

JPEG image-440491E9D87D-1.jpeg
F1FB5FD5-AB06-441A-8C22-B6A8969EE442 2.JPG

 The grilled angus beef tenderloin was highly recommended, so we decided to try it, and boy are we glad we did! I've honestly never had anything like it. It had to be one of my favorite meals.  The tenderloin lived up to the tender in its' name. 

Visit their website here

and their instagram

Go up there ASAP and let us know what you think!


JPEG image-246F2680861E-1.jpeg

We braved the snow and went up to Park City for part of the day. This little mountain town is my favorite covered in snow. We didn't see as many celebrities as in past years, but it was still so fun! My parents joined us this year, and I'm just grateful they are down for the adventure. My mom did happen to get a picture with idris elba on our way out, so I'm sure that made up for any disappointments ;)

The Bridge Cafe and Grill | Park City

I've been to park city plenty of times but for some reason have never ate there. This year, we stopped by The Bridge, a restaurant right next to the ski lift in Park City. This place felt like a fun local spot. I ordered the french toast, and it was just as delicious as it looks. 

JPEG image-85750C4010B0-1.jpeg

At The Bridge they serve brazilian dishes, my dad ordered this delicious brazilian appetizer the Camarão a Brazuca. So yummy. 

M is a breakfast guy, he ordered their two cage free egg breakfast with a pancake on the side. So good. 

JPEG image-61D66A04B17E-1.jpeg

My mom ordered the Chipotle burger, she said it was one of the best burgers she's had. I'll vouch for her, it was pretty tasty. 


BGR The burger joint

My cute dinner date. 

We loved BRG. I especially loved that you can get some healthy options (even though that's not what I did this weekend haha) I ordered the triple d (Insert Monkey covering eyes emoji) It was so good though, so no regrets. If you do choose to go for a healthier option, they let you swap the bun for lettuce, and fries for grilled asparagus! Look at that egg yolk, though... 

M ordered the bacon cheeseburger, and added custom toppings. There are so many to choose from. I would do this over five guys any day. 

JPEG image-D4CDC1C83CE2-1.jpeg

To top it all off, we ordered their oreo milkshake. You can't go wrong with that. Thank you so much for having us in BGR!

Visit them here to find your nearest location!

Sunday at Eva's Bakery 

I've passed by Eva's but have never gone in, so glad we did! I'm a sucker for almond croissants. We went in the afternoon and they were already out of a lot of their pastries, we were lucky because there was ONE almond croissant left. I loved it. That almond paste is what  almond croissant dreams are made of. I also love how stinking cute it is. So much to love.

JPEG image-D12450CE3083-1.jpeg

If you've made it this far, THANK YOU. We had such a fun weekend trying new places in Salt Lake, it always makes a getaway a little more exciting. Let me know if you try any of the spots we mentioned! I'd love to hear what you think!