Sweet Dreams with Leesa Sleeping Mattress

One of my intentions for the New Year is getting better sleep. I'm a total night owl and making sure I get enough sleep to tackle my to-do list is crucial for me. So when the opportunity came to try out Leesa's mattress I was pretty excited! 


First off, I can't believe I've been married for four years and that we've been sleeping on my old queen mattress from high school!  About two years ago we bought a memory foam topper to make it a little more comfortable. But now that we're a little older turns out we're a little pickier about our sleep set up. The crazy thing (and best part) about Leesa is that it comes in a box! We ordered it and within a week we had it waiting at our doorstep. We've heard so many great things about Leesa, but you can't help but associate air mattresses when you see that your mattress comes in a box. No need to worry though, it's amazing. 


We live in a pretty tiny basement apartment. Hauling any furniture into this small space feels like a hassle. So the fact that a queen mattress could come in a box made it a lot more doable for us. Once you get the mattress out of the box it begins to take shape almost immediately. Within the hour our it had risen completely to look just like a regular mattress.  Voila!


Since we're big on naps and breakfast in bed over here, we've made sure to put this mattress to good use! One of the things that attracted me to Leesa was the look of the mattress. Their mattresses are really aesthetically pleasing all on their own. They come in a light gray color with four stripes at the foot of the bed. You can honestly have it exposed without worrying that your bed will look unmade. But maybe that's just me because I'm the worst at making the bed! The Leesa mattress is made up of 2-inch Avena™ foam top layer created to keep you cool and a 2-inch memory foam middle layer, which is designed to mold to your body in the very best way! After a few nights of sleeping on it, we woke up with no lower back pain and felt so much more refreshed in the mornings. 


Another cool thing to note, is that for every 10 mattresses sold, Leesa donates one free mattress to a family in need, which I think is really cool. They offer free shipping on all of their orders, making it that much easier to test it out. They also allow you to try out their mattress for 100 nights, risk-free (but I know that you'll love it!)

If you still feel a little hesitant, Leesa is now available to test out before you buy at 80 West Elm locations across the U.S! And I'm excited to share a discount code just for readers: use code JULISSAWADE and get $100 dollars off your order! An even better deal is coming up starting February 8th through the 21st - Leesa is offering $125 off your mattress and a free pillow, which is just as dreamy as their mattress! 

*Thank you to Leesa for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.