Why Your Brand's Social Media Accounts Should Stay Cohesive


I love a good visual design and brand. So many of the brands I love are highly aesthetic and cohesive. Your brand's visuals can compel your audience and create trust and loyalty with just one glance. Visuals are an extremely effective way to attract a certain demographic. If your brand is using pinterest, instagram, facebook and twitter to implement campaigns they should all be in sync.

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You might think that each platform is different and it's true - they are, but your brand's aesthetic and feel should stay the same in all channels. Your brand truly is more than your visuals, but in today's highly visual-stimulated world they can really resonate with your audience. 

Social Media Target Audience

Before you get into curating a cohesive style in your social media channels, think about who you'd like to target and reach. You can ask yourself a few questions like:

  1. What are they interested in?
  2. What kind of content do they follow?
  3. How do they engage with your visual content?

The last question can help you know if it's time to tweak your brand's visual aesthetic to engage your audience and create credibility. 

Quality vs. quantity

The quality of your content, especially if you're looking to engage with a visual audience, is a lot more important than the quantity of it. Don't sacrifice quality just to meet your quota of posts, pins, grams, tweets, or any content that you will regret later and want to take down. Create and share content that you truly believe in! 

Visuals can create an experience

Earlier I said that visuals aren't everything a brand consists of, a unique and beautiful brand consists of an experience.  Your brand's visuals supplement your brand's message and mission statement. They cause your audience to DO something, whether it's buying a product, booking a service, or donating to a cause. Your consistency throughout social media channels will prove to your audience that you stand by what you believe in and you don't waver from it. You love your brand and others will take notice! Your writing style and content goes hand in hand with your visuals to create that brand experience. Understanding what type of experience you want your audience to have is a good question to ask before stepping into social media cohesiveness. 

  1. What kind of experience do you want your audience to have by viewing your social media channels?
  2. What are you asking of your audience? (traffic to your website, buying a product, donating to a cause.. etc.) 
  3. How can you create that experience through your visuals?  (color scheme, photography, typography, iconography..etc.)

These are just a few things that I have found helpful as I create a cohesive and beautiful brand that I stand firmly behind. 

branding pinterest mood board

branding pinterest mood board

How have you stayed cohesive on social media? What kind of advice have you found helpful?