I love your work, but it's currently out of my budget. What can i do? 

We firmly believe cohesive branding is an essential part in attracting your ideal  client. We can schedule your project in different time frames to separate your payments and stay within your budget. We also provide payment plans (see below).

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. My payment schedule is broken up into two payments - the first being 50% of the package total to secure a spot in my schedule, and the rest due upon completion of your branding. We would love to work something out that suits the both of us. Contact us to get more information. 



Which camera do you use to take your photos?

I use my iPhone X for 90-percent of my instagram posts, but for content creation I use my Canon rebelT6 for now. Hoping to upgrade soon! 




how do you edit your photos?

Photos on my instagram feed are mostly taken on my iPhone X edited in the VSCO app, with the A6 filter with some manual adjusting!